Can Blaming Others Ever Be Good For Your Mental Health?

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Many people tend to blame others for their issues. Prime candidates are parents, partners, friends, bosses, and kids. Perhaps these examples sound familiar?

  • “The reason I don’t have a social life is that my husband is an introvert. If he were more outgoing, I could really get out more.”
  • “My kids are so difficult, it is impossible to have people over the house. They just run wild and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself.”
  • “If my dad hadn’t cheated on my mom, I would have a healthy view of relationships now and I wouldn’t keep going for these jerks that treat me poorly.”

It is very tempting to blame others for things going wrong in your life, even personal habits you dislike or your own dysfunctional thought patterns. Continue reading Can Blaming Others Ever Be Good For Your Mental Health?

5 Ways to Break Out of a February Funk

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There are a few things I can always rely on in life: death, taxes, my sister not returning the clothes she borrows, autumn anxiety, and a February funk in the middle of winter gloom.

Even though a count of its days says differently, February feels like the longest month of the year every year. And if I don’t do anything about it, I’m expecting the same this year. Continue reading 5 Ways to Break Out of a February Funk

Am I Depressed?

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All of us feel sad and upset at times. When that sadness seems to last longer than usual, or feels more extreme, you might ask yourself, “Am I Depressed?”

The question doesn’t always have a clear-cut answer, especially because the symptoms of depression can vary from person to person. But it’s a question worth considering, especially if your emotional state is making it difficult for you to function in your day-to-day life. Continue reading Am I Depressed?

Why We Repress Memories

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For those who study and practice psychology, there is a heated debate surrounding repressed memories. In particular, can or should they be recovered, and when recovered, are they actually accurate?

While some mental health practitioners such as psychologists find repressed memories can be recovered, researchers tend to be less likely to believe in their veracity. To better understand the complexity of this debate, it is important to dig into repressed memories overall. Continue reading Why We Repress Memories

5 Ways to Face Regret

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Mistakes linger cruelly in your mind. Something dumb you did in fifth grade can still make you cringe two decades later. And big errors — ones that affect your friends and loved ones — those can depress your entire mood for years at a time.

Regret can be painful. Whether you’re regretting a long-lost relationship, hating yourself for hurt you caused your friend, or simply focused on a poorly thought-out comment, the notion that you should have been better may preoccupy your mind. Continue reading 5 Ways to Face Regret

Understanding the Five Stages of Grief

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There are few things more devastating in life than losing a loved one. Unfortunately, in our hectic culture, many of us don’t get much time and space to deal with the aftermath of loses like these. Yet it is inevitable that we all go through a process of grief after losing someone we cherished; in fact, psychologists have identified some universal stages of grief commonly experienced after loss. Continue reading Understanding the Five Stages of Grief

7 Alternative Types of Therapy That May Surprise You

A horsegirl rides a horse into the sunset. And, like, way in the back, there are some geese just flyin'.

The word “therapy” often brings to mind a specific scene: the patient on a couch, the therapist on a chair, and a box of tissues on a side table. But a number of unique therapeutic practices replace the traditional counselor’s office with something new — a horse, a chessboard, or even the great outdoors.

These seven novel kinds of therapy may seem strange, but they have proven benefits. Could one of them work for you? Find out below. Continue reading 7 Alternative Types of Therapy That May Surprise You

10 Quotes About Resilience For When Life Gets Rough

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As difficult as it is to accept, we are all going to be faced with hard times — moments where “life happens,” little is under our control, and we feel as though we might not be able to make it through. Some say that the key to surviving times like this is a little thing called resilience. And sometimes all it takes to get kick started is perusing some inspiring quotes about resilience.

But what is resilience, really? And how do you go about cultivating it, especially when it feels like the rug is being pulled right out from under you?

Continue reading 10 Quotes About Resilience For When Life Gets Rough

How to Break Up Without Being a Jerk


Breakups suck — even if you’re the one doing the breaking up. This assumes you have a heart, since you’re reading this in hopes of avoiding jerk status.

Unfortunately, breakups are an inevitable part of relationship life. Think about it: every relationship you’re in can’t last forever, right? Sometimes you’re going to be the one getting dumped, and sometimes you’re the one who’s going to be deciding to split. To be a respectful human and have good break-up karma, you’ll want to have good breakup etiquette. Continue reading How to Break Up Without Being a Jerk

Owning Your Part in a Toxic Relationship

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All relationships have bumps in the road, but when your relationship becomes more bump than road, it may be time to reevaluate. It’s tempting to only recognize toxic dynamics when they’re caused by someone else. But what if the toxic one in your relationship is you?

In a toxic relationship, both people develop unhealthy behaviors and treat each other disrespectfully. While one person in the relationship may engage in more toxic behaviors than the other, they don’t exert overwhelming control over the other person. Instead, one or both partners engage in behaviors that make the relationship unhealthy, sucking the life and joy out of it, and making it more of a chore than a support. Continue reading Owning Your Part in a Toxic Relationship