Why Therapy and Mental Wellness is the Greatest Gift You Can Give

Published on: 29 Nov 2019
Clinically Reviewed by Ashley Ertel, LCSW, BCD
giving therapy as gift

If you think therapy is an odd gift, think again.

Who doesn’t need impartial support from time to time, to talk through life’s ups and downs with an insightful and trusted person? Therapy can also be invaluable if you struggle with a mental health condition like anxiety or depression. Perhaps you’re going through a big life transition like starting a new job, getting married, or moving — you’re going to need someone who is there for you. Maybe you’ve even lost someone close to you and want some guidance about the grieving process.

And just think, if sharing what you’re going through and what’s on your mind helps you feel better — chances are therapy will help a loved one, too.

And therapy isn’t just about painful dreams and childhood memories. If you know someone who might want to shift habits, improve sleep, boost productivity, and think more strategically, they could also benefit from the gift of Talkspace.

Tools for a happier, healthier life? Sounds like the perfect gift.

Giving the Gift of Talkspace

In order to give the gift of Talkspace, it’s beneficial to understand how it works, the best way to give therapy as a gift, and the benefits online therapy can provide. Once you purchase and send a Talkspace gift card, your loved one will receive a personalized card via email with your special message. When they redeem the gift card they’ll have a brief assessment where they can then pick their therapist from a selection of carefully recommended matches who specialize in exactly the issues they’re looking to take on. From there, your friend or loved one can start therapy right away! The recipient of your generous gift will be on their way toward feeling happier and healthier. If you’re worried about how a loved one might feel about receiving the gift of therapy, we have a guide that explains the best way to send someone a gift card.

The benefits of online therapy

We’re committed to delivering the highest quality of mental health care all year, but we know how difficult the holidays can be. In many sectors, the end of the year is often the busiest time and the deadlines come fast and furious.

Through research we’ve been able to prove that messaging therapy has helped clients:

  • Increase work productivity by 36%
  • Improve their sleep
  • Feel more capable of facing problems
  • Miss 50% less hours of work
  • Feel happier

According to the Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health study, 80% of people thought Talkspace was as effective or more effective than brick-and-mortar therapy. Talkspace is more affordable than traditional therapy and by giving your loved one their first month of therapy during the holidays you’re setting them on the path to increased happiness and wellbeing.

Help others be present this season

The holidays can mean dealing with excessive family time, loneliness, or disagreements at the dinner table — it can all be very challenging — but a Talkspace therapist can support your loved one from anywhere, any time. It’s the gift that really matters.

If you know someone who, like all of us, could benefit from a little extra support, give them the gift of Talkspace this holiday season — it’s the gift that shows you really care.

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