Coronavirus Resource Hub

To help you manage your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve created The Talkspace Coronavirus Resource Hub, which includes multiple features, videos, and tips from licensed therapists and experts on how to cope with the stress and adjust to the new realities presented by COVID-19.

While a licensed therapist can’t inoculate you against infectious disease, they can help you manage the anxiety associated with these transitions and disruptions. Check out the stories and videos below for more help.


Therapist Tips for Uncertain Times

Talkspace Therapists from around the country provide tips and effective coping strategies for dealing with uncertainty during the coronavirus outbreak.

Diary of a Therapist During the Coronavirus Outbreak

These video diaries bring you insight into what our therapists are seeing, how they’re dealing with the coronavirus crisis, and tips for how to better manage your emotions and behaviors. Join us!

Anxiety and Stress Tips

Staying Socially and Emotionally Connected

Parenting and Family


Working From Home

Political and Social Issues

Work, Financial Strain, and Healthcare