Why Feeling Our Feelings Makes Us Stronger

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Have you ever found yourself deep in a good old fashion sobfest for reasons you can’t articulate? Or maybe you’ve literally felt your blood boil for too many reasons to pinpoint. Perhaps you’ve been caught in the crossfire of emotions and feelings at work.

Most therapists will tell you that emotions are natural and very human, but it’s sometimes a choice to actually feel your feelings.

Wait, aren’t emotions and feelings the same thing?

Nope. And this next bit of information might actually save that last box of tissues before those tears set in again. Continue reading Why Feeling Our Feelings Makes Us Stronger

What is Trauma Bonding?

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Have you ever stayed in a relationship that you know you’d insist your friend get out of if the tables were turned?

It’s exhilarating in the beginning. When a rush of early feelings come on fast and furious for someone new, the excitement can be all consuming. But, when that wave of chemistry starts feeling more like a catastrophic tsunami, it’s important to know how to get back to dry land.

This sequence of events can happen so fast that a person misses that they’ve even been swept up in a narcissist’s storm. What is it about these toxic individuals that makes them just so…magnetic? And why is it so hard to break a bond with people like this?

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5 Signs Your Partner May be Spiraling Into Depression

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You know that feeling, the one that leaves you longing for an ordinary day? Suddenly mundane tasks like the morning coffee routine, the ritual of a late afternoon text to make happy hour plans, or the ability to crush a list of errands in one fell swoop feel pretty extraordinary.

When we find ourselves longing for the ordinary, it is often a sign that something in our lives is out of balance. Sometimes the fix is simple: be more present, exercise more, sleep eight hours. But when depression is the culprit, things are rarely so simple. Continue reading 5 Signs Your Partner May be Spiraling Into Depression

10 Low-Cost Ways to Spend a Mental Health Day

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When summer rolls around, it’s tempting to think the sun showers and beach days will wash away any mental health maintenance struggles. But for many, the warm weather brings new challenges like baring self-harm scars, dealing with body image issues, managing high expectations to have the perfect summer, coping with a lack of structure, and carrying the financial burdens of the heavy travel season. Continue reading 10 Low-Cost Ways to Spend a Mental Health Day