5 Unusual Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

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Finding a mental health treatment, including therapy, is only part of taking care of your mental health. What about everything you do outside the treatment?

There are the standard suggestions: yoga, deep breathing, exercise. Maybe you’ve heard of those or tried them, perhaps with less success than you hoped.

Then there are other ways to boost your mental health, methods that are unusual but can help nonetheless.

Here are five examples:

1. Laugh as Often as Possible

It may be difficult to laugh when in the throes of depression or another mental health disorder, but it is important that you laugh as often as possible. Laugh therapy improves our emotional well-being and our overall mental health.

Every time you smile and laugh, your brain releases dopamine. This chemical produces feelings of happiness and endorphins, our natural painkillers. When we shift from smiling to laughing, the brain’s response includes releasing nitric oxide that boosts the immune system and improves our overall wellness. Continue reading 5 Unusual Ways to Boost Your Mental Health