Talkspace Reviews: User Testimonials from Around the Web

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Talkspace has helped thousands of people live happier lives and bypass barriers to therapy. Lucky for us, some of those people went out of their way to document their experiences by writing in-depth reviews of our brand of online therapy.

We highlighted a few of them below. Browse through them to see if they help you decide whether Talkspace is right for you.

Note: Our prices have changed slightly since the publication of some of these reviews. We have added new services and addressed some of the constructive criticism in the reviews. There is now more research to back our efficacy as well.

I Spent 7 Amazing Days with a Therapist Who Only Knew Me Via Text Message” by Erin Brodwin

Brodwin detailed many parts of being a Talkspace client. Her day-by-day account should give you a sense of what to expect and how Talkspace might help you become happier and mentally healthier.

She praised how great her therapist was, too.

“Her responses were thoughtful, detailed, and insightful,” Brodwin said. “She was really listening, I’d find myself thinking.”

Talkspace Review: My Experience Using Text Therapy” by Michelle

Michelle outlined the pros and cons of using Talkspace. She loved how it fit her lifestyle full of travel and change. After two months, she was feeling much better.

Take the Cake: I Signed Up for an Internet Therapist (And I Love Her)” by Virgie Tovar

In addition to covering the aspects of Talkspace many reviewers have weighed in on — the pros and cons of text therapy, etc. — Tovar did something unique: She discussed how Talkspace benefits minority women, feminists and women who are “fat and fat positive.” Because clients can choose from a range of more than a thousand therapists, it is easy for them to find someone with a similar background, someone they can relate to and bond with on both a therapeutic and personal level. Our consultation therapists and matching algorithms help clients choose a therapist based on ethnic background, ideology and even weight.

I Love My Online Therapist” by Katherine Conaway

Conaway described how Talkspace is great for people who travel frequently or are abroad for a long time. Her review detailed most parts of the Talkspace experience and emphasized how therapy is not only for people with diagnosable mental illnesses.

“Talkspace has been an affordable and readily available way for me to have a resource and guide through the experiences and challenges of living on the road, dating and breakups, family dynamics, professional changes, world events, and all my other victories and traumas, big and small.”

I Tried Online Therapy for a Month & This is What Happened” by Alana Romain

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Unlike most of the people who try Talkspace, Romain had worked with a therapist for years. But when her therapist closed her practice, she needed something different.

When she tried Talkspace and similar services, she discussed the advantages of text therapy. It was exactly what she needed at the time.

My Experience Going Through Therapy Post-Sexual Assault” by Meg Zulch

Zulch bravely opened up about the aftermath of being sexually assaulted. She wanted to work with a therapist to cope with how the trauma had affected her life, but she had anxiety about discussing it in-person.

Talkspace allowed her a path around this anxiety. She made incredible progress that improved her romantic relationship and helped her move past the trauma.

Talking With Talkspace” by Lauren

Lauren praised our methods of communicating with therapists, including picture messaging (fun but not talked about much). She also broke down the cost of Talkspace vs. traditional therapy and noted the convenience of not dealing with insurance companies.

Talkspace — Talk it Out If You Ask Me” by Katie Morse

Morse wrote about how Talkspace felt like an interactive journal. She also made comparisons between online therapy and her time working with a life coach.

“Holy moly do I feel like I hit gold,” Morse said.

What I Learned in 12 Weeks of Therapy for Social Media Addiction” by Sarah Kessler

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At first Kessler was skeptical of online therapy and whether social media could be a legitimate mental health issue. Fortunately she warmed up to it as she progressed and tried out the Talkspace experience. Like many other reviewers, she felt like Talkspace was an interactive journal.

Eventually Kessler realized how social media impacted her mental health. The issues felt more real. She still had skepticism about social media therapy, but she conceded that it had helped her feel better and develop a healthier mindset regarding social media.

Does Text Therapy Actually Work?” by Sara Ashley O’Brien

O’Brien said text therapy helped her navigate some lingering relationship issues. It also addressed general mental health issues.

“I not only filled in the blanks for myself, but also shared parts of my past to ultimately get much more awareness about myself and my anxieties than simply texting friends and family would have done,” she said.

Review: Talkspace” by Anum

After her insurance became too expensive for her to afford while she was in school, Anum tried Talkspace. She noted how it was easy for her to switch therapists, have an affordable plan and acquire a “consistent source of help.”

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