#StopStigma: A Blogger Opens Up About Her Depression

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For Mental Health Awareness Month, we asked some of our favorite bloggers to share their personal mental health stories to help #StopStigma. The more people speaking out about mental illness, the more people will know they aren’t alone in their struggles. Our aim is to encourage our Talkspace community and the broader mental health community to share their stories in a snowball effect, blasting stigma and breaking the silence.

This Is How I Struggle, By Kelly Bishop

You feel like you’re standing in your own way. So many things in your life should make you happy, yet you struggle to feel those elated emotions. It makes you hate yourself because you can’t let what is in front of you bring happiness. It’s not like you’re taking anything for granted, but it feels like you are, only because you’re as sad as ever when you shouldn’t be. Continue reading #StopStigma: A Blogger Opens Up About Her Depression

A 2016 Report on Progress and Failures in Mental Health

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As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, we took a critical look at the mental health progress and failures we’ve seen since last May. This report will also give you a sense of which issues mental health professionals are focused on and what might be in store for next year.

We highlighted four areas of progress:

  1. Increase in Access to Mental Health Care and Resources
  2. Raising Awareness About Mental Health Issues
  3. Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness and Treatment
  4. Research Relevant to Mental Health

Read through to see if any of these stories surprise you! Continue reading A 2016 Report on Progress and Failures in Mental Health

Can You Literally Lift Your Way Out of Depression? — An Interview with Top NYC Trainer Christine Coen

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Imagine literally lifting your way out of mental illness, pushing away depression with every weight and movement. After struggling for years, New York-based trainer, dietician and mental health blogger Christine Coen realized this approach would save her.

To explore the intersection of fitness and mental health and inspire people with her story, Talkspace interviewed Coen. Keep reading to learn how she used fitness and healthy eating to boost her mental health. Continue reading Can You Literally Lift Your Way Out of Depression? — An Interview with Top NYC Trainer Christine Coen

Meet Our Therapists: Alan Hunt

alan hunt talkspace therapist

Name: Alan Hunt
Licensing Info: LCSW NY State #080036
Where you live: Brooklyn, NY
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Time working at Talkspace: 3 mo.
Time working as a Therapist: 10 Years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

When I was in undergrad I had a great professor who had the wonderful ability to promote motivation, hope and inspiration in me. I eventually realized I wanted to do for others what she had done for me. So in my work I’m always seeking to nurture hope and spark inspiration. That professor was a LCSW psychotherapist — so I wanted to be one, too. Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Alan Hunt

What Is Therapy? The Complete Definition of Psychotherapy

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Therapy [psychotherapy] is the process of working with a licensed therapist to develop positive thinking and coping skills and treat mental health issues such as mental illness and trauma. Answering the question of “What is therapy?,” however, goes far beyond this basic definition.

The definition of psychotherapy depends on the therapist, type of therapy and time period. By exploring these three factors and their combinations, we defined what therapy was, what it is and what it might become. These pieces form the complete definition.

By reading a thorough answer to “What is therapy?,” you should be able to pick which part of therapy and which kind of therapist is most appealing to you. Understanding what therapy is could be the first step toward trying something that will help you live a happier life. Continue reading What Is Therapy? The Complete Definition of Psychotherapy

4 Ways Pregnancy Changes Your Romantic Relationship

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Larger breasts and mood swings are only a few of the changes you’ll go through during pregnancy. Future mothers should also acknowledge that the relationship with their partners will alter.

The last thing you need during those nine months is extra relationship stress. Read this article so you and your partner can prepare for these changes and make the pregnancy as wonderful as possible. Continue reading 4 Ways Pregnancy Changes Your Romantic Relationship

Meet Our Therapists: Jill Nelson

Jill Nelson Talkspace therapist

Name: Jill Nelson
Licensing Info: Licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC), Illinois, License #180.010125
Where do you live? Chicago, Humboldt Park
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Time working at Talkspace: 4 months
Time working as a therapist: 6 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

So many reasons. It began when I was a kid and loved the original “The Bob Newhart Show.” Newhart played a psychologist who lived in Chicago, and I wanted to be him. I loved the idea of sitting down, talking to people and finding out more about them. It recently dawned on me — 40 years later — that I’ve made my dream come true! Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Jill Nelson

How to Find Out if a Therapist is Licensed: Steps to Verify a License

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When you consider trusting someone with your secrets and working with them to improve your life and mental health, you deserve to know they are legitimate. That’s why finding out if a therapist [psychotherapist] is licensed is worth it. If you use the advice and steps we’ve outlined below, you’ll have more peace of mind before you start therapy.

Skip the Verification Work — Use an Online Therapy Network

nicole amesbury chatroom license number
Each Talkspace chatroom page lists the therapist’s license number. You can also request it.

When you sign up for an online therapy network such as Talkspace, you don’t need to check any therapist’s license. To provide clients the best care possible and avoid legal issues, online therapy networks conduct thorough license and background checks on all therapists they work with. Continue reading How to Find Out if a Therapist is Licensed: Steps to Verify a License

Have You Heard of Neurocounseling?

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The Counseling Program at Bradley University produced this infographic to spread awareness about neurocounseling.

With the help of brain imaging technology, researchers are developing a better understanding of how mental illnesses have a basis in our brains. This knowledge is reshaping how we define and diagnose many conditions. One field of counseling is using this knowledge to shape treatment plans.

This emerging field is called neurocounseling. Psychologists are effectively using it to treat people with depression, seizures, ADHD, sleep disorders and a broad range of other mental health problems.

Because our brains are developing and creating new neural pathways well into adulthood — a concept called neuroplasticity — clinicians are learning how therapy can treat clients’ brains, not only their behaviors.

The infographic below illustrates what neurocounseling is and how it can help individuals with a variety of mental conditions and disorders.  Continue reading Have You Heard of Neurocounseling?

Miscarriage: You Are Not Alone

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“Why do I still feel so sad,” my client said. She was crying in my office after losing her baby when she was 16 weeks pregnant.

“I shouldn’t still feel this sad.”

It had been many weeks since her miscarriage, but the emotional scars and pain were still poignant. My client had a hard time feeling like she had permission to have her feelings of grief and loss.

Miscarriage didn’t feel like a legitimate loss for her. There was no funeral. Many people didn’t know she was pregnant. She was walking around with a loss she felt she couldn’t tell others about. Continue reading Miscarriage: You Are Not Alone