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    • How To Manage Anger And Aggression?

      by therapist Regina M. Tate, LPC
      840 people
      I need help with my seven year olds anger and attitude and how aggressive she is
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    • What's On Your Mind?

      by therapist Lisa McKinney, LMFT
      245 people
      Im 27, 1 child, been in a relationship since I was 15. My parents are not there, never have. My grandmother was there. She passed in 08. Im overwhelmed and tired. Im always angry, depressed,...
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    • How To Love Your Body And Self?

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      617 people
      Hi, I am currently battling with bulimia and I REALLY want to stop. I have been on and off for about two years and I am so sick of it. I just don't know what I'm missing to stop....It just k...
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    • How To Cope With Grief and Loss?

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      544 people
      Also lost my brother 24 years ago still haven't grieved over him.lost my GMA no griefiend and my aunt our family doesn't share fillings or nothing we just move on
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    • LGBTQ Community

      by therapist Chad Crawford, LMHC
      453 people
      I am married to a man who I suspect is gay. We love each other deeply and are best of friends. Our relationship is ideal except for the fact that he rarely ever wants to have sex with me. I...
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    • Living Positively and Mindfully

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      176 people
      I have been working on a task for 2 weeks. There was no stress. i was going well into the details and making good conclusions. Yet, yesterdya we had a demo on the work and when asked about...
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    • Eating Disorder - Help and Support

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      137 people
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    • Dealing With Crisis In Life -Help, Support, Advice

      by therapist Lisa McKinney, LMFT
      116 people
      Hi. It's Kei. I wrote to you in another part of this, but I'm not sure you can see it. Anyway, today turned out well. My bf made a comment to me that he is living alone even with "them" i...
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    • How Can I Help You?

      by therapist Vered Raanan, MFT
      3232 people
      How can I come to terms with having Aspergers Syndrome. My entire life I pretended to be "normal" and finding out that it's not going to be possible because of some inherent limitation I hav...
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    • Help with New Year's Resolutions

      by therapist Christy Paul, LMHC
      55 people
      I have bipolar, and because of that I have to take meds. The meds have caused me to gain 40 lbs. I have tried a low glycemic diet, raw food diet, juicing, etc. etc. I tried to exercise but I...
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    • KT

      R5.3 forum - do not join!

      by therapist Kristen Tolbert
      3 people
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