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    • Relationship is complicated - some advice

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      4136 people
      Hello,I am almost 31.I have never been in a long term relationship.Part of the issue's that I do not believe in sex out of wedlock and men don't like. My problem:I have had a male friend fo...
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    • Are You in a Healthy Relationship?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      230 people
      I found out 3 months ago that my husband was having an affair. The other woman called the house. I know that the affair is now over, thanks to social media I see the other woman is back wi...
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    • Relationship Problems - How To Communicate ?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      1678 people
      I've been in a relationship since July of 2014 and my boyfriend and I live together now. I have been pondering leaving him for many reasons. I feel that he's a hypochondriac, I believe he i...
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    • Relationship, Love, Intimacy

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      900 people
      I've been having a relationship with a married man during the last 6 months. When we started the relationship he had been married for just 3 months. He told me he never felt that connection...
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    • When Is It Time To Leave The Relationship?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      272 people
      Hello i need help on a relationship that went wrong that didnt need to be and now im pregnant
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    • Heart vs. Mind: Which One Should You Listen To?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      177 people
      Hi, is it free to ask questions in this forum? And can I ask as many as I want? Thanks
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    • How To Improve Your Sex Life? Advice

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      144 people
      i want to become a online therapist
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    • Free Forum For College Students

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      74 people
      I'm homeschooled and in a lot of pain because of my relationship with my mom. I'm almost 18, and have 8 more months at home. The last two winters I got depressed, almost to being suicidal, a...
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    • Relationship Road Bumps - Support and Advice

      by therapist Christy Paul, LMHC
      1535 people
      I need some honest advice. I think I know what I should do but I would like an outside opinion. I am recently married to a man that I have been through a lot with while we were dating. I tho...
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    • How To Make Your Relationship Work?

      by therapist Holli Fiscus-Connon,MS, LMHC
      692 people
      Me and my wife is hav7ng a problem with me like wearing womans clothes
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    • Coping With Divorce

      by therapist Holli Fiscus-Connon,MS, LMHC
      364 people
      Hello. I'd like to continue with someone else and discuss how to cope with an affair
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    • Relationship Issues

      by therapist Regina M. Tate, LPC
      118 people
      It was earlier this year that I had a sort of breakdown about my life situation. I decided that I’m better off finding a job back home and being with my family. I was even thinking about j...
      read more
    • KT

      R6 testing Forum - DO NOT JOIN!

      by therapist Kristen Tolbert
      0 people
      read more
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