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    • Relationship is complicated - some advice

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      4265 people
      I have been in a really complicated relationship for a year now. My boyfriend broke up with me (again) last night, but I think this time is for good. When I related my story to an older fri...
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    • Are You in a Healthy Relationship?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      251 people
      I'm in love with a close friend's girlfriend...and i think she loves me too...but i know it's gonna be messy..and i'm afraid of where i'm gonna end up..i don't think i could take another hea...
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    • Relationship Problems - How To Communicate ?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      1701 people
      I am new to a new city and I feel homesick and lost and lonely. I came here to find work and I am till unemployed so it makes me feel hopeless
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    • Relationship, Love, Intimacy

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      917 people
      I keep believing rumours about me even though they are not true. People are saying that my daughter isn't my boyfriends and she is. Yes I cheated 2 summers ago but I didn't sleep with any of...
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    • When Is It Time To Leave The Relationship?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      291 people
      I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 years. .. we are living together and have a 18 month old and one on the way which we found out just recently. Anyways ive always had problems gettin...
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    • Heart vs. Mind: Which One Should You Listen To?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      189 people
      Hi , I've been this guy for a year and 4 months, he as always been there for me, everyday he'd call and text to check up on me, now I'm 3 months pregnant and everything seems to change, neve...
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    • How To Improve Your Sex Life? Advice

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      149 people
      Hi, So me and my partner have been together for two years, she likes untraditional things when it comes to sex. She likes toys and dildos and stuff like that. Although I've never had a probl...
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    • Free Forum For College Students

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      79 people
      My roommate is stressed out about the final poles for class president and she is homesick. How can I help
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    • Relationship Road Bumps - Support and Advice

      by therapist Christy Paul, LMHC
      1538 people
      We recommend using our mobile app Get Talkspace Application My Therapy Support jennx20 hi, I come to you today with my problems, which that I don't know if I can get in trouble with this...
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    • How To Make Your Relationship Work?

      by therapist Holli Fiscus-Connon, MS, LMHC
      692 people
      Me and my wife is hav7ng a problem with me like wearing womans clothes
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    • Coping With Divorce

      by therapist Holli Fiscus-Connon, MS, LMHC
      365 people
      My Husband filed for divorce the day I was released from jail. Yes, jail. I finally turn in my Husband after eight years and I went to jail. I didn't even know he had scratches on him althou...
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    • Relationship Issues

      by therapist Regina M. Tate, M.ED, LPC
      120 people
      My ex and I broke up this past December he is former military and suffers PTSD we were pregnant n no longer had the child after a short time. He started having nightmares with his PTSD n the...
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