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    • Relationship is complicated - some advice

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      4159 people
      Thank you
      read more
    • Are You in a Healthy Relationship?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      233 people
      I don't see my post anymore :(
      read more
    • Relationship Problems - How To Communicate ?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      1680 people
      Hi. There is no delicate way to say this. My boyfriend's penis becomes flaccid right before he puts it into my vagina. He's healthy and 26 and heterosexual but seems to lack a sex drive. He...
      read more
    • Relationship, Love, Intimacy

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      904 people
      I Have difficulty treating myself with the same kindness and love that I feel that I give others. There is a continual mental war in my head.....
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    • When Is It Time To Leave The Relationship?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      277 people
      Me and my bf just recently broke up. And its eating me up inside. He says he wants to be with me, but he has to figure out what's going on with him. Like If he's moving or not. He'll also ca...
      read more
    • Heart vs. Mind: Which One Should You Listen To?

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      179 people
      I'm going through a very rough time right now with my marriage and I need help...
      read more
    • How To Improve Your Sex Life? Advice

      by therapist Nicole Amesbury, MS, LMHC
      145 people
      hello i am 19 years old and i recently went through the hardest time in my life. the stress has effected my sex life as well. i can no longer enjoy penetration with my boyfriend. every time...
      read more
    • Free Forum For College Students

      by therapist Laura Altieri-Howell, LCSW
      75 people
      Hi i!m Brit I have a masturbation problem I have to do it 9 to 12 times a day I got caught now everyone laughs and calls me names.
      read more
    • Relationship Road Bumps - Support and Advice

      by therapist Christy Paul, LMHC
      1535 people
      I need some honest advice. I think I know what I should do but I would like an outside opinion. I am recently married to a man that I have been through a lot with while we were dating. I tho...
      read more
    • How To Make Your Relationship Work?

      by therapist Holli Fiscus-Connon,MS, LMHC
      692 people
      Me and my wife is hav7ng a problem with me like wearing womans clothes
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    • Coping With Divorce

      by therapist Holli Fiscus-Connon,MS, LMHC
      364 people
      Hello. I'd like to continue with someone else and discuss how to cope with an affair
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    • Relationship Issues

      by therapist Regina M. Tate, LPC
      119 people
      I recently started having a crush on a guy who liked me back but now he is with my friend and I don't want to break them up but I need him to learn how I feel. What should I do?
      read more
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