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The first modern therapeutic solution for all; Talkspace is connecting licensed therapists with participants in an online environment that is safe, secure, and anonymous.
This is an exciting opportunity to meet new clients and connect with them in new and unique ways, such as through our public forums and our private 1-on-1 Chats and Videos. Talkspace also allows you to reach an audience for which therapy was not previously accessible; now it is, and this is your chance to help those people! Our platform is led and supervised by leaders in the field.
why you should join Talkspace
Safe and secure
Our #1 priority at Talkspace is the safety of our participants. Therapists are screened and certifications are validated to assure the value of our services as well as the well-being of our participants. Talkspace’s platform provides complete audience anonymity and does not retain any sensitive or personal information.
Get new clients and a new revenue stream
Talkspace provides a convenient and unique way for you to meet new clients as well as boost your income. We provide a simple and complete payment solution.
Easy and intuitive to use
It’s incredibly easy for you to set up and manage your clients and the talks you hold with them. The Talkspace online platform is modern and advanced, yet simple enough for anyone to use; no previous technological background required.
Convenient and accessible
Talkspace is 100% online. Work from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a mobile device or stable Internet connection.
3 ways to interact with participants
Free forums are public spaces where participants can reach out to you. Ideally, you will be selected to moderate one or more forums so that you can be accessible to our participants who have questions for you or simply want to share what’s on their minds.
Messaging Therapy is a completely private and anonymous way for a participant to communicate with you. This is a subscription plan that renews as long as the participant wishes. It can be accessed by you and the participant anywhere and anytime, even on the go with our mobile app.
1-on-1 Video allows a participant to communicate with you face-to-face directly through our online platform. 1-on-1 Video is a very engaging way for a participant to connect with you in our private and secure environment, for a duration that you choose.
Our participants are waiting for you!
Talkspace sits at the crossroads of online therapy and social networks. Recognizing a true need in a tech savvy, modern environment, we give you the opportunity to reach out and connect with audiences in their natural environments.
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